1. 'Archbishop

    An apology service this week marked a major step forward for reconciliation in Sweden, where the Indigenous Sámi people continue to fight for self-determination and recognition of past wrongs committed by church and state.

  2. 'Stop

    A court in Siberia on Saturday remanded five people in custody for two months to face charges related to a coal mining accident that killed more than 50 people this week and left dozens injured.

  3. 'Boris

    The U.K. tightened its rules Saturday on mask-wearing and testing of international arrivals after finding two cases of the new, potentially more contagious omicron variant of the coronavirus, as countries around the world sought to shore up their defences.

  4. farmers-gather-tikri-nov25

    Thousands of farmers forced India's prime minister into a rare reversal on Nov. 19, when Narendra Modi announced his government would repeal three agricultural reform laws that the farmers feared would shatter livelihoods and allow big corporations to seize control of the sector.


    Global stock markets and oil prices tumbled Friday after South Africa identified a new potentially fast-spreading coronavirus variant and the European Union proposed suspending air travel from southern Africa.